18 Funny Thoughts and Sayings About Future Life and Technology

Going by the same pace people are adopting new technology full on, what would be our life like in the coming days? Here are some funny thoughts and sayings about our high tech future life.

1. No, not downloaded; you were born:

born not downloaded

2. Visit homepage to see your homework?

visit homepage to see homework

3. Visit website for facilities in heaven:

heaven website

4. Amazing wireless sleep technology:

wireless sleep technology

5. Weight loss through mouse click:

double click to lose weight

6. Hawker selling tech services on push cart:

street hawker selling tech services

7. When spider applies for the post of web designer:

spider as web designer

8. Latest fashion in wireless communication:

wireless fashion

9. Website-less beggar:

beggar without website

10. Are we on screensaver? 🙂

fish on screen saver

11. When cyber daters meet face to face:

cyber daters face to face

12. Romeo and Juliet met in a chatroom:

when juliets hard drive died

13. Sending email to unborn baby?

email to unborn baby

14. Sign off and come down for dinner:

sign off and come down

15. Email not received; getting married to somebody else:

marriage missed due to email

16. Logging in to heaven with username and password:

logging in to heaven

17. Will for free web space:

will for free web space

18. High tech name for baby:

yahoo name for baby