Real Celebration with Your Loved Ones

You can spend hundreds on birthdays, thousands on festivals, millions on weddings, but yet yearn for that happiness gifted by the moments you spent with your friends and family. For celebration is not about money; it is all about the time that becomes memorable and refuses to get erased from your heart. To celebrate, all you have to do is spend your time with your loved ones.

celebrating with friends

Celebration means……

A winter evening

Four friends

Raining outside

Four cups of tea!


Celebration means……

Hundred bucks of petrol

A rusty old bike

And an open road!


Celebration means……

Hot noodles

A hostel room

4.25 a.m.!


Celebration means……

3 old friends

3 separate cities

3 coffee mugs

1 internet messenger!


Celebration means……

Rain on a hot tin roof

Pakoras deep-frying

Neighbours dropping in

A party!


Celebration means……

You and mom

A summer night

A bottle of coconut oil

A head massage

Gossiping about absent family members!