Health Benefits of Different Fruits and Vegetables

We know for sure that fruits and vegetables are good for our health. But which fruit or vegetable has what specific health benefit often creates confusion. So, here is a list of different fruits and vegetables along with what they are good for.

fruits health benefits

Apples: Protects the heart, Prevents constipation, Blocks diarrhea, Improves lung capacity, Cushions joints

Apricots: Combats cancer, Controls blood pressure, Saves the eyesight, Shields against Alzheimer’s, Slows down the aging process

Artichokes: Aids digestion, Lowers cholesterol, Protects the heart, Stabilizes blood sugar, Guards against liver disease

Avocados: Battles diabetes, Lowers cholesterol, Helps stop strokes, Controls blood pressure, Smoothens the skin

Bananas: Protects the heart, Quiets a cough, Strengthens bones, Controls blood pressure, Blocks diarrhea

Beans: Prevents constipation, Helps hemorrhoids, Lowers cholesterol, Combats cancer, Stabilizes blood sugar

Beets: Controls blood pressure, Combats cancer, Strengthens bones, Protects the heart, Aids weight loss

Blueberries: Combats cancer, Protects the heart, Stabilizes blood sugar, Boosts memory, Prevents constipation

Broccoli: Strengthens the bones, Saves the eyesight, Combats cancer, Protects the heart, Controls blood pressure

Cabbage: Combats cancer, Prevents constipation, Promotes weight loss, Protects the heart, Helps hemorrhoids

Cantaloupe: Saves eyesight, Controls blood pressure, Lowers cholesterol, Combats cancer, Supports the immune system