A Woman Jumped from the 11th Floor. What She Saw on the Way Will Keep You Speechless!

A woman thought she was the most unfortunate person on earth. She jumped off from the building’s 11th floor. What she saw all her way down to the ground made her realize what a fool she was. Here is the story in her own words:

woman jumps off building

As I jumped off the building’s 11th floor it was too late before I realized what a fool I was…

On the 10th floor: I saw the known loving couple on 10th floor was hitting at each other.

On the 9th floor: I saw the usually tough and strong Peter on the 9th floor was crying.

On the 8th floor: I was dropping down too fast to notice anything.

On the 7th floor: Dan was taking her daily anti-depression medicine.

On the 6th floor: Jobless Tom still buys 7 newspapers to search for a job every day.

On the 4th floor: Rose was again fighting with her boyfriend.

On the 3rd floor: The old man was looking out of the window as usual, hoping someone would come by to pay him a visit.

On the 2nd floor: Lily was still staring at the picture of her lost husband since half year ago.

On Ground Zero: Before I jumped off from the building, I thought I was the unluckiest person. But now I realized everyone has their own problems and worries. After seeing all these, I found out, in fact I wasn’t that bad at all.

The people I saw just now were looking at me now. I think after they see me now, they might feel they are not that bad after all.

Yes, life in all its sorrow and happiness is still beautiful and precious. Do make the best of it.

Only cheers and smiles are counted. Keep smiling… it costs nothing!!